About Us.

Betty Crocker; one of the biggest names in the world of baking and is a brand name and trademark of General Mills, the 'Fortune 500' company. Its roots indicate it as an inventedpersona, which has successfully developed into a cultural icon.

The current image of Betty Crocker is actually a combination of 75 real-life women of diverse backgrounds and ages that represent the true Betty Crocker.

Today the brand is a global household name with strong presence in the Middle East & North Africa region for over 50 years and has gained the recognition of being the most prestigious baking brand and a symbol of trustworthy expertise.

Since then Betty Crocker has evolved from being just a trademark Today women across the region relate to it as their personal baking consultant.

Women in every household today turn to Betty for the best sweet recipes for sweeter family times. Its variety of cake mixes, desserts and frostings has made baking an idea that is fun for the whole family.

With its long history of innovation, Betty Crocker has become a true legend and a symbol of togetherness for friends and family.

With Betty Crocker easy to prepare cake mixes, baking is now not just easy but a whole lot of fun.

Betty Crocker offers a wide variety of flavors and textures to suit every taste and preference.

Its guaranteed results ensure that home baking a happy feast for the whole family every time, making sure it is always the sweetest moment.