How to Ice a Cake Smoothly

Betty's Baking Tip:

How to Perfectly Ice a Cake

Learn how to perfectly ice a cake with Betty Crocker™.

There is something so satisfying about presenting a beautifully iced cake, but if you’ve been struggling with lumpy icing or an uneven finish, we have some tips on how to ice a cake like a professional.

How to Perfectly Ice a Cake

  • Icing a cake is a lot easier with the right tools. A cake turntable, a good palette knife, and a smoother will help a lot. No worries if you don’t have those tools, as a palette knife or a butter knife will do in a pinch.
  • Check your icing isn’t too stiff. You’ll need a smooth, spreadable finish. If you pop a spatula in, your icing should form soft peaks.
  • Apply a crumb coat. This is a really important step. Add a thin coat of icing, just enough to smooth the crumbs, dodgy edges and any gaps. Once you’ve done that, put it in the fridge for 30 minutes, long enough for the icing to set.
  • Apply your second layer of icing! Now you can ice your cake as you normally would. Use your palette or butter knife, or a smoother if you have one, to get that bakery finish.

Then stand back and marvel at your perfect creation!

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